150 Free Ransomware Decryption Tools

Have you been infected with ransomware? Here are the top 150 free tools to ransomware decryption without paying ransom.

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HelpRansomware provides a 100% guaranteed ransomware removal and data recovery service, with 24/7 worldwide assistance.

Fundamental premise: in a thorny case like the ransomware threat’s one, do-it-yourself ransomware solutions involve a large percentage of risk.

To have greater certainty in recovering your data and ensure greater future security, it is always better to contact specialists: HelpRansomware uses experts’ knowledge and the most advanced technologies to help you.

How to recover data

If your network is infected with ransomware, you can follow the steps below to recover essential data:

  1. Don’t pay the ransom because there is no guarantee that the ransomware creators will give you access to your data.
  2. Find all available backups and consider keeping data backups in safe and offline locations.
  3. If there are no backups, you should try to decrypt the data locked by the ransomware using the best ransomware decryption tools available.

In this anti-ransomware guide, we have included free decryption tools that you can use to avoid all types of malware and remove ransomware.

How to identify the ransomware you are infected with

The ransom note often gives details about the type of ransomware with which the files were encrypted, but it may happen that you do not have this information at hand.

Repeatedly readers ask us to show which encryption extensions belong to which ransomware families, but many extensions mark new types of encrypted ransomware for which no decryptors are available.

If you need help identifying what type of ransomware is infecting your system, you can use these two tools:

Ransomware decryption tools – an ever-updating list

Disclaimer: the following list is not complete and probably will never be because malware and ransomware are constantly evolving.

So use it, but also do a documented research: secure data decryption can be a nerve-wracking and lengthy process, contacting specialists like the HelpRansomware team is the best solution, always.

We will do our best to keep this list up to date and add other tools to it.

Contributions and suggestions are more than welcome, as we are committed to following them promptly and including them on the list.

Some of the ransomware decryption tools mentioned below are easy to use, while others require a little more technical knowledge.

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  1. .777 ransomware decrypting tool
  2. 7even-HONE$T decrypting tool
  3. .8lock8 ransomware decrypting tool + explanations
  4. 7ev3n decrypting tool
  5. AES_NI Rakhni Decryptor tool
  6. Agent.iih decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor)
  7. Alcatraz Ransom decryptor tool
  8. Alma decrypting tool
  9. Al-Namrood decrypting tool 
  10. Alpha decrypting tool
  11. AlphaLocker decrypting tool
  12. Amnesia Ransom decryptor tool
  13. Amnesia Ransom 2 decryptor tool
  14. Apocalypse decrypting tool
  15. ApocalypseVM decrypting tool + alternative
  16. Aura decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor)
  17. AutoIT decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rannoh Decryptor)
  18. AutoLT decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rannoh Decryptor)
  19. Autolocky decrypting tool
  20. Badblock decrypting tool + alternative 1
  21. BarRax Ransom decryption tool
  22. Bart decrypting tool
  23. BigBobRoss decrypting tool
  24. BitCryptor decrypting tool
  25. BitStak decrypting tool
  26. BTCWare Ransom decryptor
  27. Cerber decryption tool
  28. Chimera decrypting tool + alternative 1 + alternative 2
  29. CoinVault decrypting tool
  30. Cry128 decrypting tool
  31. Cry9 Ransom decrypting tool
  32. Cryakl decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rannoh Decryptor)
  33. Crybola decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rannoh Decryptor)
  34. CrypBoss decrypting tool
  35. Crypren decrypting tool
  36. Crypt38 decrypting tool
  37. Crypt888 (see also Mircop) decrypting tool
  38. CryptInfinite decrypting tool
  39. CryptoDefense decrypting tool
  40. CryptFile2 decrypting tool (decrypted by the CryptoMix Decryptor)
  41. CryptoHost (a.k.a. Manamecrypt) decrypting tool
  42. Cryptokluchen decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor)
  43. CryptoMix Ransom decrypting tool + offline alternative
  44. CryptON decryption tool
  45. CryptoTorLocker decrypting tool
  46. CryptXXX decrypting tool
  47. CrySIS decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor – additional details)
  48. CTB-Locker Web decrypting tool
  49. CuteRansomware decrypting tool (decrypted by the my-Little-Ransomware Decryptor)
  50. Damage ransom decrypting tool
  51. DemoTool decrypting tool
  52. Dharma Ransom Rakhni decryptor tool
  53. DeCrypt Protect decrypting tool
  54. Democry decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor)
  55. Derialock ransom decryptor tool
  56. Dharma Decryptor
  57. DMA Locker decrypting tool + DMA2 Locker decoding tool
  58. Fabiansomware decrypting tool
  59. Everbe Ransomware decrypting tool
  60. Encryptile decrypting tool
  61. FenixLocker – decrypting tool
  62. FilesLocker decrypting tool
  63. FindZip decrypting tool
  64. FortuneCrypt decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor)
  65. Fury decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rannoh Decryptor)
  66. GhostCrypt decrypting tool
  67. Globe / Purge decrypting tool + alternative
  68. Globe3 decryption tool
  69. Gomasom decrypting tool
  70. GandCrab decrypting tool
  71. Hacked decrypting tool
  72. Hakbit decryptor
  73. Harasom decrypting tool
  74. HydraCrypt decrypting tool
  75. HiddenTear decrypting tool
  76. Jaff decrypter tool
  77. Jigsaw/CryptoHit decrypting tool + alternative
  78. KeRanger decrypting tool
  79. KeyBTC decrypting tool
  80. KimcilWare decrypting tool
  81. Lamer decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor)
  82. LambdaLocker decryption tool
  83. LeChiffre decrypting tool+alternative
  84. Legion decrypting tool
  85. Linux.Encoder decrypting tool
  86. Lobzik decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor)
  87. Lock Screen ransomware decrypting tool
  88. Locker decrypting tool
  89. Lortok decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor)
  90. MacRansom decrypting tool
  91. Marlboro ransom decryption tool
  92. MarsJoke decryption tool
  93. Manamecrypt decrypting tool (a.k.a. CryptoHost)
  94. Mircop decrypting tool + alternative
  95. Merry Christmas / MRCR decryptor
  96. Mole decryptor tool
  97. MoneroPay Ransomware decrypting tool
  98. my-Little-Ransomware decrypting tool 
  99. Nanolocker decrypting tool
  100. Nemucod decrypting tool + alternative
  101. NMoreira ransomware decryption tool
  102. Noobcrypt decryption tool
  103. ODCODC decrypting tool
  104. OpenToYou decryption tools
  105. Operation Global III Ransomware decrypting tool
  106. Ozozalocker ransomware decryptor
  107. Paradise ransomware decryptor
  108. PClock decrypting tool
  109. Petya decrypting tool + alternative
  110. Philadelphia decrypting tool
  111. PizzaCrypts decrypting tool
  112. Planetary ransomware decrypting tool
  113. Pletor decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor)
  114. Polyglot decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rannoh Decryptor)
  115. Pompous decrypting tool
  116. PowerWare / PoshCoder decrypting tool
  117. Popcorn Ransom decrypting tool
  118. PyLocky Ransomware decrypting tool
  119. Radamant decrypting tool
  120. Rakhni decrypting tool
  121. Rannoh decrypting tool
  122. Rector decrypting tool
  123. Rotor decrypting tool (decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor)
  124. Scraper decrypting tool
  125. Shade / Troldesh decrypting tool + alternative
  126. SNSLocker decrypting tool
  127. Stampado decrypting tool + alternative
  128. STOP Djvu Ransomware decryptor
  129. SZFlocker decrypting tool
  130. Teamxrat / Xpan decryption tool
  131. TeleCrypt decrypting tool (additional details)
  132. TeslaCrypt decrypting tool + alternative 1 + alternative 2
  133. Thanatos decryption tool
  134. TorrentLocker decrypting tool
  135. Umbrecrypt decrypting tool
  136. Wildfire decrypting tool + alternative
  137. WannaCry decryption tool + Guide
  138. XData Ransom decryption tool
  139. XORBAT decrypting tool
  140. XORIST decrypting tool + alternative
  141. Yatron decrypting tool(decrypted by the Rakhni Decryptor)
  142. Zeta decrypting tool (decrypted by the CryptoMix Decryptor)

Explanation of ransomware families and decryption tools

As you may have noticed, some of these decryption tools work for multiple ransomware families, while some families have more than one solution (rarer).

From a practical point of view, some of the decryptors are easy to use, but some require technical know-how.

As much as we would like this process to be easier, it is not always possible to make it so.

Not sure what kind of ransomware has encrypted your data? HelpRansomware

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HelpRansomware provides a 100% guaranteed ransomware removal and data recovery service, with 24/7 worldwide assistance.

No matter how much work and time researchers put into reverse engineering cryptoware, the truth is that we will never have a solution to all of these infections.

It would take an army of cybersecurity specialists working around the clock to achieve something like this.

How to avoid ransomware

One of the most effective ways to prevent ransomware from wreaking havoc and blocking your sensitive data is to stay alert and be proactive.

precautions against ransomware helpransomware

An excellent idea is to securely keep offline copies of vital information and equip your company with cyber-insurance.

That way, even if cybercriminals gain access to your computers and infect them with malware, you can wipe the system and restore your latest backup.

You will not lose money and no critical information will be compromised!

So please don’t postpone the backup process of your data.

Do it now and get safe!

Also, make your employees aware of this and share the basics of proactive protection with them; doing so will limit the risk of them becoming victims of ransomware and, consequently, you will also better protect your corporate network.

With the emergence of new ransomware, researchers decrypt some types, but others evolve into new variants and end up creating anything but a cat and mouse game.

Therefore, proactivity is vital.

Paying the ransom never guarantees that your data will actually be returned, as criminals could still put it up for sale on the Dark Web.

Therefore, prevention remains the best medicine as always.

However, the best doctors remain the experts: don’t make the mistake of thinking you can always solve everything yourself, contact HelpRansomware.

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