All you need to know about ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malicious program that infects your computer, tablet, or smartphone (or encrypts your data and then demands a ransom and returns it to you).

There are two types of ransomware.

The first type is encryptors, which encrypts your files not to access them. To decrypt them, you need the encryption key (that is why they ask you to pay for the ransom).

The other type is called blockers. They lock a computer or other device. Blockers present a better scenario than encryptors: victims are more likely to regain access to their operating system than recover encrypted files.

There is no regular price. Some ransomware ask for less than 30 euros; others ask for thousands.

Businesses and other large organizations, often infected by spear-phishing, are more likely to receive larger ransom requests.

Still, you should keep in mind that paying the ransom does not ensure you get your files back safely.

You can recover your files as long as data decryption experts carry out the process. Our ransomware specialists are certified and qualified.

You should never pay the ransom to restore your data because hackers rarely return the data after payment. We recommend you stop all contact with the cybercriminal and contact us to assist you.

HelpRansomware is number one in the Cybersecurity market.

We act 100% effectively and timely to recover data infected by ransomware. But in the rare event that we cannot restore data, we will return you the whole sum of money.

Our ransomware specialists are available 24/7 worldwide. You can create a new ticket to send us information about your case and contact us through our communication channels.

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Juan Ricardo Palacio, CEO HelpRansomware

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