Have you been affected by
Money Message ransomware?

If you are attacked by Money Message Ransomware, turn off or disconnect the infected computer from yout network and contact us now.

Secure solutions for professionals and companies

Secure solutions for
professionals and companies


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Money Message
Ransomware Recovery

Money Message is an emerging ransomware group that has been active since March 2023, demanding ransoms in the millions of dollars and threatening to leak data.

Unlike typical ransomware, Money Message encrypts files without altering their names, leaving only a mysterious file called "money_message.log" in the root folder of the infected drive.
It has been linked to attacks against companies such as Hawaii Self Storage, Biman Airlines, Lpa-group.com, and Micro Star International.
Money Message's ransomware is unique in many ways. It uses Microsoft Visual C/C++ and carries out double extortion attacks. It actively removes Windows shadow copies (backup files) and employs a robust encryption algorithm known as ChaCha20/ECDH.
Additionally, it has shown signs of continuous updating, with discovered variants containing slight modifications.
Protection against Money Message includes using reliable antivirus software, avoiding clicking on suspicious links, verifying the legitimacy of email attachments, regularly backing up data, and keeping the operating system and software updated. Money Message represents a new wave of cyber threats that are technologically advanced and tactically innovative, underscoring the need for constant vigilance and caution.

Secure and Fast Diagnosis to Analyze Ransomware Types and Cryptographic Attack Vectors

Our experts decipher RSA and AES algorithms, used by Governments, ISPs, Technological, Financial and Telecommunications Industries.
RSA as an asymmetric encryption algorithm uses 2 keys: 1 public to encrypt, 1 private to decrypt. AES is a symmetric encryption algorithm with common key lengths of 128, 192, and 256 bits.
Digital Forensic Analysis
We carry out a complete diagnosis of the encrypted files and affected systems to identify patterns that allow data recovery.
Reverse Engineering
We analyze the encryption algorithms to unlock your files and quickly find weaknesses in the code of the computer virus to decrypt it.
Forensic Data Recovery

We recover and remove the encryption of your files with advanced data recovery techniques and the creation of specific tools.

Advanced Cryptography

We have deep knowledge of encryption algorithms and the ability to develop cryptographic processes and constant investigation.


Expert Recovery Of Files Infected By Ransomware

We have highly-trained data recovery and ransomware decryption specialists.
Our professionals have extensive knowledge in cryptography, digital forensics, and reverse engineering, enabling them to solve complex technical problems and find efficient solutions.

Protect Your Company
From Data Breach!

Thanks to our Advanced Monitoring System, you may track and remove content hosted in the Deep Web.
A leak of confidential files can have legal consequences relating to GDPR, including the risk of identity theft, unauthorized access to the system, and consequent damage to your reputation.
Real-Time Monitoring

We monitor the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web to control, track, and eliminate possible leaks in sensitive data, documents, and files.

ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

HelpRansomware complies with Quality Standards (ISO 9001) and Security Standards (ISO 27001).

Speedy response to ransomware: contact us now and secure your company

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Why Should You Never Pay The ransom?

In 2020, OFAC and FinCEN declared it illegal to pay a ransom:

Companies that facilitate ransomware payments, not only encourage future ransomware payment demands but also may risk violating OFAC regulations.

What should I do if Ransomware has Encrypted my data?

1. Turn off or disconnect the computer from the network

2. Do not ever make contact with the cybercriminals

3. Do not pay the ransom requested for your data

4. Contact us immediately and get help 24/7 worldwide

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