How do we recover your files

A dedicated team follows you step by step throughout the recovery procedure of your data.
We ask you to send us 4-5 sample files that we analyze in our cybersecurity lab. Thanks to our cutting-edge tools we isolate and identify the type of Ransomware that hit you. We estimate times and costs for a completely safe recovery. We then proceed to a recovery of a sample of the data we provide you, upon receipt of which you will send us 50% of the estimated amount. Finally, we recover all your files and deliver them to you at the payment of the total.

1 - File Analysis

Upon receipt of the files, our dedicated team analyzes the data and determines the most effective measures for recovery

2 - Estimate and times

Once the problem matrix has been determined, we estimate costs and times for the safe recovery of your files

3 - Payment

We give you proof of recovery upon receipt of which we ask you for 50% of the quote. The balance upon delivery of all recovered data.

Fill out the form and one of our ransomware experts will get in touch to help you with your request.

* we recommend sending files in zip or rar format

Quick recovery solutions

Ransomware poses a real risk to businesses. It only takes one attack to block business operations and negatively impact your brand and customers. Timeliness in these cases is everything.


We take care of company procedures in compliance with the rules in order not to incur penalties that could damage

Secure Managed IT

Reliable and secure IT environments are necessary and indispensable in some delicate sectors. That's why governments too trust our anti-ransomware

Incident Responder

The Incident Responder discovers the problem, mitigates the damage and investigates the situation thoroughly. It takes detailed notes throughout the

Threat Hunter

The threat hunter has the task of proactively identifying, isolating and neutralizing the most advanced cyber threats capable of bypassing