remove ransomware from your life

We solve ransomware crises and recover your files safely and quickly. We protect the digital life of your company by acting responsibly and professionally.


guaranteed recovery

How does the data recovery process work?


talk to an expert

Stop all contact with the cybercriminal and provide our experts with the ransom note and an infected file.


Cost & Time

We locate and analyze the ransomware crisis. Based on this, we estimate the cost and time frame for the recovery process.



Once the budget has been approved, we start decrypting the data. Remember that our service is 100% guaranteed.


Data Delivery

Your files will be recovered and delivered promptly. Should the files not be accessible, you will get a 100% refund.

we make the difference

our service is 100% guaranteed and confidential.

Our company has earned number one ranking in Security and Digital Protection for Companies and Government Entities thanks to our long-term experience in the cybersecurity market. We know the value of information, understand the effects of a cyber-attack, stop ransomware and implement recovery strategies.

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decrypted ransomware
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we save and protect digital lives

our services help keep your information safe

ransomware decryption

Our qualified experts supply high-tech decryption service. You can recover encrypted files through the adequate management and expertise of our professionals. We guarantee ransomware data recovery to get money back.


Companies can become victims of cyber attacks by putting at risk their most valuable asset: corporate data. We have developed specific tools to prevent cyber threats and increase your data protection.

Ransomware Laboratory

Thousands of cybercriminals spend all their time creating new ransomware. Our lab is backed by a team of experts dedicated exclusively to research and implement solutions to combat recent ransomware quickly.

Do not pay to stop a ransomware attack

“The FBI does not advocate paying a ransom, in part because it does not guarantee that an organization will regain access to its data. In some cases, victims who paid a ransom never received decryption keys.” | Source: Official FBI Website
As you can see, the legal entities do not guarantee the recovery of your files much less than your money. On the other hand, the Help Ransomware service ensures 100% of the decryption and recovery of your files promptly.

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recover data, regain peace of mind

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