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Ransomware Recovery Process: How It Works?

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Which Types Of Ransomware
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ATOS | February 14, 2018

Let me say that HelpRansomware literally saved our business: we suffered a ransom attack few time ago and we were in trouble looking for a company able to help us. HelpRansomware detected the ransom, removed it and decrypted and recovered all company data.


What are the Most Common Types of Ransomware?

phobos type of ransomware

1. Phobos

Phobos (from φοβος, fear) is a ransomware that started infecting computers in late 2018. It’s related to the Dharma (CrySis) strain. 

Phobos exploits the RDP protocol putting millions of corporate servers and workstations at risk. With the proliferation of cloud services companies, many have public Internet-accessible Windows servers that are potential targets.

2. Sodinokibi

Sodinokibi is the ransomware that targets Windows systemsHackers spread Sodinokibi by brute-force attacks, server exploits, malicious links, or phishing. 

Exploiting some vulnerabilities and often bypassing the antivirus software, Sodinokibi downloads a .zip file with the ransom code that moves through the infected network and encrypts the files, adding a random extension to them.

sodinokibii type of ransomware
dharma types of ransomware

3. Dharma

Dharma is an extremely dangerous ransomware, that has caused a lot of damages between 2017 and 2018. It encrypts all files located on local drives, such as shared network directories, and deletes all shadow copies so that users cannot restore them.

The malware behaves like a “Trojan-ransomware”, which means that human intervention is required to activate its malicious code.

4. Ryuk

Ryuk is a type of ransomware used in targeted attacks, where the perpetrators make sure that essential files are encrypted.

This type of attack can identify and encrypt the drive and network resources and delete shadow copies on the device by disabling Windows System Restore for users, thus making data recovery very difficult and expensive.

ryuk types of ransomware
conti types of ransomware

5. Conti

Conti is relatively recent ransomware used to target large corporate or governmental business networks precisely, quickly, and effectively.

This type of attack is designed to be controlled remotely: malware operators will hack a network and move around until they get the domain and admin credentials for admin privileges, locking and encrypting the attacked user’s entire hard drive.

Why You Should Never paying a ransom?

In 2020 OFAC and FinCEN declared illegal to pay a ransom:

Companies that facilitate ransomware payments, not only encourage future ransomware payment demands but also may risk violating OFAC regulations.

What should I do if my data has been encrypted by Ransomware?

1. Turn off or disconnect the computer from the network

2. Do not ever make contact with the cybercriminals

3. Do not pay the ransom requested for your data

4. Contact us immediately and get help 24/7 Worldwide

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