Have you been attacked by
Cryptolocker ransomware?

If you've been attacked by Cryptolocker Ransomware, turn off or disconnect the infected computer from the network and contact us now.

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Ransomware Recovery Process: How It Works?

Step 1

rapid Evaluation

Contact us, submit your case and send us your files for the first rapid evaluation.

Step 2


We analyze your encrypted files to determine the cost associated with recovery.

Step 3


We send you a quote with informations about cost and timing of the recovery.

Step 4


We send you an email with a remote access and pre-recovery checklist.

What Is Cryptolocker Ransomware?

CryptoLocker spreads as a harmless email attachment that appears to come from legitimate institutions, or is uploaded to a computer that is already part of a botnet.

A ZIP file attached to the email contains an executable file with an icon and a pdf extension, taking advantage of the fact that recent Windows systems do not show file extensions by default (a file called filename.pdf.exe will be shown as filename. pdf despite being an executable). 

Testimonials: Brands that trust us

We helped thousands of companies and administrations recovering from a ransomware attack. See more clients here.

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Why they choose us?

1) We don’t pay ransom nor negotiate with the extortionists

2) Our work is 100% guaranteed: no data recovered, no charge

3) We remove the ransomware and we recover all your data

Why You Should Never paying a ransom?

In 2020 OFAC and FinCEN declared illegal to pay a ransom:

Companies that facilitate ransomware payments, not only encourage future ransomware payment demands but also may risk violating OFAC regulations.

What should I do if my data has been encrypted by Ransomware?

1. Turn off or disconnect the computer from the network

2. Do not ever make contact with the cybercriminals

3. Do not pay the ransom requested for your data

4. Contact us immediately and get help 24/7 Worldwide

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Juan Ricardo Palacio, CEO HelpRansomware

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